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About myself

I am a lawyer specializing in outbound and inbound legal affairs between Japan and Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.).

Since I became a lawyer in 1998, I have been working in the international legal field for 22 years.

In addition to Greater China, I have been involved in projects involving various countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Czech Republic, India, Australia, Singapore, Mexico and Brazil.

From kindergarten to fourth grade, I attended a local school in New York, USA, so I am quite fluent in English. In addition, I am also good at Chinese because I have studied Chinese for over 15 years, and also studied at the China People’s University Law School in Beijing.

I can handle projects in which three languages, Japanese, English, and Chinese flow about.

I am registered as a lawyer in Japan and New York, USA. I also passed Hong Kong’s Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (OLQE) (not yet registered).

I have been passionate about Greater China for many years.

After passing the OLQE in 2016, and studying at the People’s University of China Law School since 2018, I am now focusing on legal affairs especially in Greater China.

I hope to become a bridge between Japan and other parts of the world by providing solid support, so that you can smoothly expand overseas and achieve great success.